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SHADOWFIGHT – The Conspiracy

WELCOME to our web site! We are totally excited. Yes, really. I mean how many times in your life do you get to do what you REALLY love, right? For us - the mebers of the team ShadowFight - that dream became reality. We are producing an extraordinary game with exciting features, with an enthralling game story and, so we believe, an awesome game design, too.

ShadowFight - The Conspiracy will be a game unlike most other games you have ever played.

We are about to create a truly interactive multi-media PRO-ACTIVE GAME.

This means, in a nutshell, the game will not wait for you to come play. It will CONTACT YOU, it will FORCE YOU to MAKE DECISIONS. When you're least expecting it, suddenly someone will call you, text you, send you video messages. It is - after all - a CONSPIRACY you're getting mixed up with... and trust me:

there WILL be side effects!

What you do, what you DON'T do, what you say... ALL will have consequences. And you will never know quite WHOM you can trust. It's excitement, it's action and adventure, it's puzzles galore... IT'S SHADOWFIGHT!

To find out more about the game - as much as we can tell you without spoilers, at this point - use the links above and below to navigate this site. If you have any question, input, feedback: please contact us any time. Oh, yes, and please join us on Facebook and do tell your friends about ShadowFight, invite them to follow us on Facebook - and check out our COMMUNITY and join us today!

JOIN the Shadowfight Community today! There will be great incentives and gifts for all of you who support our efforts! Downloads, free test and beta versions of ShadowFight for you to testplay, special video trailers only for the subscribers of our Facebook page, and much more. Join the ShadowFight community now!

You will find the latest NEWS ON THIS PAGE and of course on Facebook.

Watch our TRAILERS right here.

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