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Cobra Systems LLC is a Newark based company. Our growing creative team is made up of enthusiastic folks who either have a background of international security or a background of being creatives in the entertainement area, such as photographers, designers, writers etc., or in some cases BOTH.

We have been around and working as a team for about 10 years, the company itself however has been founded some 5 years ago.

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Our Work shadowfight

"ShadowFight - The Conspiracy" is a sequel, of sorts, of the very first game "ShadowFight" (long before Facebook existed), which has been published in the year 2000 by Next World Productions Inc. The first version of ShadowFight has been produced for the European consumer electronics retailer chain MEDIA MARKT. Media Markt used that first version for promotional activities.

In 2012 our company, Cobra Systems LLC, has been put in charge to produce a new version of ShadowFight, better and bigger. Our team started to write the story and create the first storyboards etc. Turned out, we liked this project so much, we obtained the full rights for ShadowFight, and we are producing the game under our own flag now.

Find out more about the production, the game and our Kickstarter project to crowdfund ShadowFight...

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