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SHADOWFIGHT – The Conspiracy

you walk along a street, when you realize that a young woman is being assaulted right ahead of you, a masked attacker is apparently assailing the woman. You step in and chase off the masked man... The young woman seems to have lost her memory. What is her secret? Why is she in such a great danger? You agree to help her reach safety, when you realize that there's much more to this whole incident: the victim of the assault is somehow part of an age-old conspiracy, as you find out. Your goal is to help the girl get back her life and memory and solve the mystery of The Conspiracy... But Beware. This game will play You!

The story of “SHADOWFIGHT – The Conspiracy” is based on some real-life mysteries such as disappearances of people without a trace, the so called “Doppelgaenger Theory”, medically unexplicable memory loss, and sudden personality changes.

ShadowFight will immerse you in this vortex of events, real historical and social occurrences will possibly appear in a totally different light... We don't want to say too much in order not to spoil the game... but you will realize that certain events may have a different context!

Have you ever asked yourself how people sometimes seem to suddenly change to a totally different person? They start acting against all they previously stood for. It almost seems as if they have been REPLACED by a clone, by someone else. And that is the starting point of our game story. WHAT if someone else is living YOUR life, or the life you were SUPPOSED to live? Even more successful than you ever did. The catch is: you don't even know about it.

Somehow, someone or some force is controlling the life of certain people, manipulating not only their lives, but society and history too. Could that have happened to the young woman, you are protecting now? Why and how did she lose her memory?

Step by step you will find out about a conspiracy that has been going on for centuries. There is a secret society, ShadowFight, whose members are fighting this conspiracy. You will be approached by a number of characters throughout the game. But just WHOM you can trust you will never know... possibly until it's too late.

During this game, you need to solve puzzles, some elaborate. You need to gather evidence and information, you will receive real self defense training and actual, true spy training – in so called “spy craft”. And you will need BOTH. Your actions will cause danger to you. Some people won't like you meddling with their business... You won't be killed in this game, but you may get hurt and may need medical assistance in order to get back on your feet.

Your tasks are to protect the young woman, to investigate the true extend of the conspiracy, to help that woman get back her memory and to find out what REALLY happened to her. Your role is somewhat a mixture of detective, spy, and bodyguard. Why has she been assaulted, by whom?

She is all by herself, but the SHADOWFIGHT SOCIETY will help her and you both... and you soon realize: without ShadowFight you will all be lost.

Reveal the monstrous extend of this conspiracy and its consequences!


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