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GAME Design

The game design of ShadowFight The Conspiracy will remind a little bit of games such as MYST/RIVEN, Murder on the Mississippi oder Mystery House, as well as of TV shows such as LOST, and of movies such as SIN CITY or UNDERWORLD. The game genre is, in general, action adventure role playing game (ARPG). It will be a somewhat dark atmosphere. It is not a horror story, but a spy and detective story, but there will be fantasy and some scary elements, too. Some ironic humor will flare up here and there... a bit of the Mike Hammer or Sam Spade type humor in the style of Film Noire.

You, as the player, will receive quests you need to finish in order to move on, puzzle must be solved, codes need to be broken, all this in order to obtain information you will need to be able to travel on, to solve the mystery of the age-old conspiracy, and to save the life of EVANGELINE, a young woman you will encounter at the beginning of the game. She is in great danger, having lost her memory, under threat by brutal attackers... Although there are action scenes - and in fact you will receive REAL self defense training and TRUE LIFE SPY TRAINING, the so called "spy craft" - Shadowfight is not a pure fighting action type game. The core of ShadowFight is puzzle solving detective work, a thriller, yes, but your main task will be to travel through worlds and solve puzzles, some of which will be quite sophisticated and demanding.

Part of the game design are many worlds you need to explore. Some are modern day worlds, cities, towns and buildings. Others are worlds in various countries of our planet earth, but with the twist of traveling through time as well as space, learning about history, cultures, languages. And finally there are strange worlds... lets call them parallel universes, but, as you will find out, it's even more complicated than that...

Another important design element is music. There will be great music, many songs you will recognize, others will be new compositions of our own. We produce all the music ourselves, as cover songs and our own songs. We can't explain too much, or else we'll spoil your gaming experience, but it will be both important to the game AND big fun...

The design itself will mainly be a pre-rendered environment, with point-to-click-navigation in mainly a First Person Perspective, but mixed up with real-time 3D elements and real videos featuring real actors. ShadowFight will be somewhat of a retro design, as said before, it's not a fighting action game, however there WILL be gripping action, but there is a reason behind the chosen type of design, as you will find out during the course of the game. Due to the action sequences and some strong language (not too much but still...) and due to the gloomy, dark atmosphere in some parts of the game, we advise that our game be played by gamers of 16 years and older, we don't feel it is appropriate for children.

To anyone who knows about game production it's no secret that game production is a process, and a long one at that... What we have laid out on this page is THE PLAN, but like with any process it is quite possible that certain elements will be changed. However, THE ABOVE is what we have in mind and we will pursue this goal.

During the course of this game, you will meet a number of characters, mostly real life actors. You will be able to communicate with most of them or interact in some way or other. You will not know which of these characters can be trusted, who is on your side... your actions and words will have consequences, YOU will change the course of the game history. You will need to make decisions, and this will cause the characters to act according to what you have done or said.

ShadowFight is primarily a PC game at this point, you will need to download the game to a computer. But there will also be an ONLINE part of ShadowFight; certain elements will constantly be changed by reality, that is OUR daily reality, daily news, things that happen in real life. You will find that ShadowFight is truly a remarkable, awesome game with lots of excitement, adventure and fun!


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