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We want to make ShadowFight a GREAT GAMING EXPERIENCE für YOU.

Our whole team is very excited to have the opportunity to create ShadowFight, and we know it can become an awesome game, one of the greatest games of the year. Is that conceited? We don't think it is because we KNOW already how cool ShadowFight will be.

We'd like YOU to join us in order to reach this goal. We are very eager to hear your input, we'd like to share our enthusiasm with you. ShadowFight will have an infectious game story with tons of surprises, a thrilling game design and a number of out of the ordinary game features.

So where do YOU come in, then?

You can support our efforts in creating this exceptional game in several ways:

  1. Follow us on Facebook, share the posts you like, tell your friends about ShadowFight, invite them to follow us, too
  2. Send us feedback, input, your ideas, comments - either on Facebook or on this web site
  3. Support our KICKSTARTER PROJECT - we will start our Kickstarter in order to CROWDFUND the production of ShadowFight. The more successful we are with our Kickstarter, the bigger and better ShadowFight will be. You can assist us by telling your friends about it. You will find more on our Kickstarter project here and of course on our Facebook page.
  4. Subscribe to our FREE NEWSLETTER and always be amongst the first to receive our news - and you will even be able to play our test and beta versions FOR FREE and thus directly assist us in producing ShadowFight and making it the best game experience possible.

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There will be great incentives and gifts for all of you who support our efforts! Downloads of some of our art work, free test and beta versions for you to testplay, special video trailers exclusively for our newsletter subscribers, and much more.